Day 2, Adventures in Jordan Quest for the Grail

In 1989, the world was introduced to what was thought seen as the last the adventures of ladies-man archeologist, Indiana Jones. Searching for the cup of Christ became one of my favorite adventures and capped off that influenced my love of travel and experience different cultures. If you have not listened to the podcast, please read the article and listen for more information. In the previous article, it mentioned Air Arabia, The House Boutique Suites, and other nuggets of interest. For now, allow me to welcome you to Jordan, a portion of the Holy Land.

First , waking up early has never been my forte; but today on vacation I had to wake up because I get to put on my black hat and satchel to travel to valley of the Crescent Moon in search of the Holy Grail. As usual, one can not start the day without breakfast. After eating, it was near eight am and our driver messaged us that it was time to go to Petra.

Second, the sites of Petra were amazing. The first site was the iconic Treasury of Petra. Please understand that the UNESCO site is huge and is worth giving the site the true exploration it needs; but we were pressed for time and must see what we could see in a day. The thing one must know is that walking shoes or boots will be needed. Also, a Bedouin gutra will be need to help protect you from the sun. Remember to bring plenty of water because if the site is visited during the late spring through the summer because it is hot during the day. As normal, it gets hot around noon but for the imperial it is 96 degrees (spring) , 69 degrees at night, and for the rest of the world 35 degrees Celsius during the highest and 20 degrees Celsius at night. On the day we visited, it was extremely hot. After the ticket is purchased and stamped, there is the option to purchase a carriage ride through the site or a horse ride. The guys that we rented the horse from were great. I have never ridden a horse before. I was TERRIFIED. The horse was beautiful. Her name was Suzanna. The guide explained how to write but I felt too heavy for the horse. He said, “No worries, Suzanna can handle it. She is a strong horse.” As I appeared to become more comfortable he asked to for me to hold the reigns and immediately the horse began to gallop. I called for Rashid. He clicked and said for Suzanna to walk and she calmed down. As we walked towards the opening from the Siq. He showed and explained writings on the walls were from the original people that lived here. There was also a mountain in distance that had a white top. He said there is where the Prophet Moses’s brother was buried. As we came to the opening of the canyon from The Siq, he said our ride has come to an end. We will walk about fifteen minutes until we come to treasury.

We dismounted and began our trek through the caverns. It was a long walk. It was better in the shade. The ancient city was very well built. It had these “baby aqua-ducts” to bring water into the city. I just wanted to go to Treasury to see where the cup of Christ was located. Look at the gallery to see pictures of the The Treasury and other things related to the site. Visiting this site is another portion of my Indiana Jones sites that has been completed. The carriage drivers are hustlers so it can be 40 dinar round trip but they will charge 40 to take you back one way. Some of the others will charge you 20 dinar; but if it was so hot I gladly paid it to get back to gate. There were a few more places as we traveled further, but the heat of the day became unbearable. We decided to call an audible and head back. We were supposed to go to desert to see where a portion of Indiana Jones was filmed, but we decided that it was fine. The Treasury was important enough.

To conclude Day 2, we returned back to our hotel. The long drive and sun did a number on us both. The walking up the gradual slope of the canyon was difficult during the heat of the day. I had to purchase the carriage on the way back. Petra is an amazing piece of history that has captured the fantasies of millions. One last thing, they do mention and welcome the idea of visitors coming because of Indiana Jones. Fedoras, whips and jackets can be purchased at the gift shops.

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