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Adventures in Jordan Day 1, Amman the Capital

In 1989, the world was introduced to what was thought seen as the last the adventures of ladies-man archaeologist, Indiana Jones. Searching for the cup of Christ became one of my favorite adventures and capped off, before the terrible Crystal Skull debacle, that influenced my love of travel and experience different cultures. Many places have been visited, but just as this is not my last adventure, this is about capping off the almost final portion of my journey with this movie. If you have not listened to the podcast, please read the article and listen for more information. For now, allow me to welcome you to Jordan, a portion of the Holy Land.

Day 1

First, there are many great places to stay within the beautiful city Amman. Amman is the capital city of the Jordan. We arrived in the city and made to our hotel. We were so tired from traveling, we just decided to check in and get some rest. The flight was four hours and it was like Spirit of Arabia called Air Arabia. It is not a terrible airline but order everything needed before getting on the plan. Things can be ordered but order may be in short supply. The gentlemen that was our driver was named Mastafa. He worked for the the resort hotel: The House Boutique Suites. He also can be hired to drive to many of the sites that will be discussed later in the article. From traveling, we were tired. After check in, we decided to take a nap.

Day 1
The Feast

Second, after the nap, we decided to get something to eat. During the visit, it was still Ramadan and there was an iftar meal. In Amman in the neighborhood we are in, it is best to hit up Rainbow Street. This is the street lined with restaurants. The eateries lining the street range from burgers, wings to shwarma. There are gift shops too so those relatives can get their Promise Land gifts. While it being the end of Ramadan, our first dinner was held at the Lebanese Um Khalil. It had an indoor and outdoor patio. The inside had luxurious seating for families and the outside could be for families but mostly smaller parties. Due to the weather being so beautiful, the night breeze was heavenly and did not feel as someone turned on the hair dryer. The dinner we ordered was an iftar special. The cost was 30 dinar per person. It was filled with all the trimmings. Please see the picture to see the dinner spread. The main course had hamour fish fillet and mixed grill. These are staples, but delicious. As the host said,

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