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Day 4, Adventures in Jordan Book Ending the Trip with the Living Rainbow Street.

The final day was some what a day of rest. It is Friday, family day. Things open later and also we needed to rest up. It is vacation. We decided to sleep in. Breakfast beings later so we had a chance to get some much needed recharge. If you have not listened to the podcast, please read the article and listen for more information. In the previous article, it mentioned Air Arabia, The House Boutique Suites, and other nuggets of interest. For now, allow me to welcome you to Jordan, a portion of the Holy Land.

After we ate breakfast, we still needed to recoup but needed to wait on the day to begin. We had to wait for afternoon and early evening because between 11 to 4 it is incredibly warm. After the 4 pm, it begins to cool down drastically. As we left the hotel, we flagged a taxi to go to the Citadel. This area is the downtown Amman area that possesses shops and amazing history.

We did not stop at the citadel because it closed before we arrived. It was definitely fine. We were able to get a picture of it from Roman Theatre. It is still in great shape. Something even more special was learned that it is a family and teenage meeting ground. There were street dancers. There was shisha. The life within area was vibrant. Young boys trying to talk to girls. The girls meeting their friends. Boys meeting their friends and playing football. At the Theater, there are two museums. These museums are filled with traditional clothing from around the Arabic world. There are is also a Hall of Weapons. It is filled with old swords, guns, clubs and other accessories.

The final stop was the Al Harman Street. This is a legendary and famous restaurant. The Falafel fills you up and melts in your mouth. There is also a jewelry district near. IT has great prices. As we moved to Rainbow street to get back to our hotel, the street was popping. Everyone was dressed to the “9’s.” Cars driving slow. The set reminded me of Ice Ice Baby by Vanilla Ice. The ragtops were down. The ladies were chilling by the rides. The guys were driving slow down street. Everyone was talking to each other. The restaurants were full. An energy filled the area.

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