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What does each Emirate have to offer? Something to Know! A Need to Know Series. Part 2

Living here for this length time, one will be able to travel the entire country. Being from Texas of the USA and driving from Houston to Dallas takes about five hours, many of the places and distances will not have kilometers mentioned but driving times. Here is a list of our favorite Emirates. Granted, we love all of the UAE but we do have our favorite places to visit.

1. Abu Dhabi

If the map from the previous section is observed, Abu Dhabi has many things to offer. Not only was it a place of interest for the hit movie, Sex in the City 2 but it offers many different adventures. In the picture to the right, there is the Grand Mosque of the Honorable Sheik Zayed. It is a very beautiful building. To visit this site, remember it is a place of worship. One must wear the proper attire to visit the location. For men, he must wear a long sleeve shirt, pants, and footwear. A woman must be completely covered except her hands and hair. This means a long dress or paints, no cleavage, and cover for the hair. For women, if not dressed properly, Abayas and Shaylas will be given. The architecture is great. The marble flooring is superb and exquisitely designed.

2. Fujairah

When Fujairah is thought about, the theme song from the old show Green Acres comes to mind.

4. Dubai

The metropolis that you have seen in movies, heard about celebrities and lies in your mind as if it is its own country. This is the emirate that is growing and in a certain opinion, the new money. There are business booming and developing new ideas and techniques. Development is building new neighborhoods. It will soon be the home of Expo2020 which should display new technology and things that will hopefully elevate our minds and living. Depending upon one’s home country or 2nd home, certain niceties can be acquired if one is missing a taste of home. The nightlife is not in shortage here. There are concerts, also in Abu Dhabi, plays at the Opera House, and many shopping malls. The best malls are The Dubai Mall, Mall of The Emirates, City Centres, and many others. For women of color, there is an area on 2nd December street where you can get your hair braided.

3. Ras Al Khaimah

More information to come inshallah!

5. Al Ain

The birthplace of his Excellency the Great Shiek Zayed. His home town. We did not spend much time in this location. More information coming in the future…inshallah!
In conclusion, if more information is need please check out this article at WhatsOn.AE giving more information about the wonderful seven Emirates. These are just our opinions within in the article from first hand experience.

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