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Get Set, Ready, Go – ElectRow ‘n’ Friends rock Hongdae

bx with Scotticus
bx with Scotticus

The beat is pumping. The drinks are flowing. The people are moving and everyone seems to be out of their mind. It’s all thanks to Brannon X and John Gaska of ElectRow Music.
ElectRow has been throwing these party for sometime now trying to alter the club game in Seoul, Korea. While creating a network of working friends, Electrow is joining the group of new and up coming party groups.
Get Set, Ready, Go is one of the many functions this organization has put on and it just keeps growing. JG, founder of Electrow has been doing his thing musically for some time now. He has worked with groups such as Samba Mamba, DongMyo Police Box, other independent artists while trying to perfect his how craft as a master dj and producer.
at Freebird2
John Gaska with Caliph Knight at Freebird2

The party was carefully crafted with different sounds musically. You had some Electro, Trap, Hip Hop, while adding in a few emcees: Caliph Knight and Dirty Efnic. There were a few surprise guests that deserve honorable mentions: Benny Fax…the freestyle king of Seoul and the blazing, quick witted Jake Pain.
The night seemed to be running smoothly with the first dj of the night: Solar. He was putting it down on the ones and twos with some eclectic electronic mixes.

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