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DareDevil – Netflix/Marvel firing on all cylinders.


Netflix has done it again. It is not wonder that they at 574.60 a share. With that be said, Netflix and Marvel have decided to hold hands and present another hit show in Daredevil, the debacle starring Ben Affleck. Since the character is the same, there is no need to rehash the origin story of Daredevil. Lets just dive right into the new series.

The new series has a strong cast with some great actors. You have Rosario Dawsons (Men in Black II, Sin City) as the night nurse, Vincint D’Onofrio as the Kingpin (you may remember him as the Cockroach alien in Men in Black, The Cell with J’lo or Law and Order: Criminal Intent), Deborah Ann Woll who plays Karen Paige (True Blood), Elden Henson as Froggy the best friend and partner to Matt Murdock (yes he is known for The Mighty Ducks and The Butterfly Effect) and finally our hero, Charlie Thomas Cox or just Charlie Cox who plays Matt Murdock/Daredevil.

Although this is an origin series, the cast is very strong. The darkness and gritty of the story is truly a realistic portrayal of the blind superhero. Cox acting never lets you believe that he can see. The small little nuances that depicts a blind person is all there. Along side our hero would be nothing without antagonist – the Kingpin played by D’Onofrio. His real life idiosyncrasy make this version of the Kingpin a flawed and haunted person – unlike the rude, confident and tough interpretation by Michael Clark Duncan.

The cast is strong and it seems the flaws of the movie were eradicated with this take of the blind lawyer. The relationship between the Hero and his best friend is very organic, but then again I have always liked Elden. He isys a great wingman. Rosario Dawson has always held her own. Granted my wife thinks she looks like a tranny but she still holds a special sexiness and toughness that she brings to the roll of the night nurse. It is the eagerness of Karen’s role that gets me. Although I don’t know her earlier work, she is amazing.

The combination of excellent writing and story telling makes this a must see program.

I rate this portrayal of the Netflix show DareDevil: 5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5).



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