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The End? an Italian Horror Classic…?


Claudio Verona is a young and cynical businessman. One day he gets locked in his Roman office elevator before an important meeting with a client. Soon this annoying obstacle will turn into a nightmare. For outside that metal cage, a deadly virus has begun to infect and transform people into extremely violent and dangerous zombies. Claudio has to get out of his claustrophobic space but it seems the elevator is the safest place to be in the city.


There isn’t much i can say that is really good, but it is not a terrible film, but typical. I am very pleased to see the Italians jumping into this area and seeing places that I love to visit. It was great that they are telling a story about a jerk being locked in an elevator during the zombie apocalypse. He the main character is such an unforgivable wretch (possibly only to me and he could be a product of machismo). He cheats on wife. He sexually assaults a co-worker. Maybe he finds some redemption at the end (spoilier possibly) but does everyone find redemption in the face of death?

Overall: 2 out of 5 stars (2 / 5)

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