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Final Fantasy 7 Remake Demo Prep for Remade History

What is deal with FF7??

In 1997, a ground break game hit my Ps1 console which captivated my love of RPGs. Final Fantasy 7 created by Square Enix, which also created Tomb Raider, Legacy of Kain series, brought this game to the masses and became a huge success. It sold 11 million copies. For me, it was an RPG game that allowed me to rename the characters to people I knew which then would engross me into the storyline. The decisions became more real and waited because I wanted to save my friends from danger. Upon its release, it received high praise from critics for the story, gameplay and amount of strategy one needed to complete the game.

Demo Critique


A screenshot from the opening of the game of Aerith in the city near a pipe pumping in Mako.
The Remake is drastically different from the original. Here are all the things that I loved. It is hard not to be biassed because the original was one of those gems that captures the imagination. The remake is more of an action rpg which. the action is happening and one must think quickly and switch between characters to defeat an opponent.If you are reading this and will compare to anything after Final Fantasy X, then you will possibly be correct. I played only FF7 and FF8 because I was possibly not ready for the change. However, when I played Parasite Eve, I did hope that it would somehow turn out like this in the future of Final Fantasy.

The big boss fight scene when Avalanche goes to blow up the Mako reactor.
The demo only consists of the intro to the journey of blowing up the Mako reactor and introducing us to Avalance and the gaming mechanics. For those that played the later installments, the switching is what I had to get to used to. The Limit breaks are the same but the abilities were new for me. I have the FF7 original on the PS3, PS4, and huh…um rom and enjoyed many hours playing but the abilities see new.

When in the final area of the actor and have to face the scorpion-bot, the original attach would have been electronic magic and do not attack when the tail is up. The strategy is different but familiar. You still must watch out for the tail but the tactics of double-teaming consistently are prevalent. Although it felt familiar, there are new tricks to make it feel fresh and for the first time.


It was hard to come up with issues to dislike. I am completely biased who is trying desperately to be objective, but there were not many or if any. The only thing I did not like was Barret. The voice of Barret sounds like someone imitating Robert Downey Jr from Tropic Thunder. It can be understood that he is not the hero and is a comedic sidekick but it is to question why must he sound like a caricature of Southern Black Man or Foghorn Leghorn with a mega gun on his arm. As Dr. Tyson would say, the internet is the largest form of confirmation bias but if you were given the same impression, can everyone be wrong? This is what came to mind the moment I heard Barret on the Remake:

How’d you get so shredded? Got any tips?

With that being said, there is just a part of me that is not offended but it does beg question, is this is what Black people sound like to someone who is not black?


Just Barret’s voice alone will not stop me from purchasing this game. It has been something fans have been clamoring for since the graphics and handles of FFX. The game that unlocked thousands of imaginations is getting its remake and not reboot finally. We will be able to join Cloud, Aerith, Tifa, Barret and the others on this amazing and reimagined adventure. There is no rating system since it is just a demo as we are still waiting until April 2020 to get it from whatever purchasing outlet of your choosing. I got mine from the PSN store but please remember to check out GameStop..

Below is an official trailer of the game.

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