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American Horror Story Season 6 Roanoke…Unsolved Mediocrity?

As I watch the first two episodes of season 6 of American Horror Story, I can not help but wonder what is the purpose for the format of the vehicle the writers and producers have chosen to use to tell this seasons tale. Over the bumbling story telling and gore fest of season 5, which the hotel should have never had any visitors, maybe they have decided to go back to their roots and tell a solid horror story. Is this the right format to tell this tale?The answer that it could be. They have quite possible learned from past mistakes.This truly begs the questions: Is this season, Unsolved Mediocrity?

The pacing of the story telling is very reminiscent of season 1. The story telling was slow and methodical. In Murder House, you got to see the family build up and then fall apart. The father’s decent into madness and lusting over his sins, the mother dying of thirst if you will (meaning she thirsty for some kinky sex that she got from a ghost in latex), and the daughter feeling out of place and unhappy in a new home were cliche but developed. This season seems to immediately not jump try to show you but give you some good ole’ fashion story telling and character development.

They are really going back to what worked within the first 3 seasons: Murder House, Coven, and Asylum. They really using classic horror elements or tropes to really tell a new tale. Spooky House…check! Emotional wife … maybe unstable from miscarriage and trauma…check! Over barring sister-in-law who questions the mental stability of her sister-in-law while having her own problems…check! This hodgepodge of Alfred Hitchcock tropes is refreshing to see but a little boring because if you have been following this show, although the story maybe different, we have seen these elements introduced before. In each of the five seasons, there were story lines that were left unfinished. It would have been a challenge to complete them some how without Mega Star Jessica Lang. It may be interesting for new viewer of the show, but at the moment it is a bit boring but the spookiness did increase by the second episode.

Finally, the format maybe a poor format. They seemed to be playing of reality tv/ghost hunters type shows. Although I am enjoying the format, but unsure of the purpose. You have the inserted interviews in between the reenactments of the story. The tension that is supposed to be built within the story telling, wondering if characters will live or die, is hindered because you see the actual person telling the tale, so you know the person survives or safely assume. I have thought on this and possibly there is another element that will come within the developing series that outside interviews will aid to the tension. I was really amused by the found footage within the cellar of the house; but slightly interested in the history of the house. I did find hokey and cheesy that the killers are spelling out their favorite word murder with the letter of each victims first name. The format is definitely in question but will need to see more to see the method to the madness.

In conclusion, I feel that i am being a little unfair because of the rating below. After watching episode, although it was a little dry, but not as dry as the first episode which i felt something is finally moving. I wonder if the pig monster cult ties in with the animal from Asylum. I do enjoy the slowed pacing for the story telling, the classic horror elements being used, but the format is a little off for me. I am wondering if they may abandon it all together. There are many questions to be answer but can anyone stick with it until it comes together. We shall see!!!

Rating 1.5 out of 5 stars (1.5 / 5)

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