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What’s the Difference? Caliph’s 5 ways the book is Better! Fahrenheit 451 from the Novel to 1966 version to 2018

What is it?:

Fahrenheit 451, written by Ray Bradbury, is a 24th-century dystopian future where the world is not like the world as we know it. In this cold future, firemen do not put out fires, but start them. They also arrest people within the overpopulated masses for breaking the censorship laws and controlling through media manipulation. Books are outlawed in the belief that knowledge is the cause of all the unhappiness within the world. The main character’s job, Montag, is to burn books and the homes of people who secretly read them. Unaware of the world around him, Montag begins to question his life, job, marriage, and beliefs when he meets his new neighbor, 17-year-old Clarisse.

This book has gone through the transference from book medium to movie medium. Just like others, when the 2018 remake with Michael B. Jordan and General Zod was released, I was excited. It had been a while since I read or even thought about the book. The movie was placed on my much-watch list. As it was viewed, something did not sit well with me. Some keynotes felt like home, but without reading the book in such a long time, the changes that were made just felt awkward from what was remember. Not all the changes were terrible, but it did bring me back to the fifteen-year-old boy who felt it was too preachy and hitting the message repeatedly on the head. Needless to say, I love each interpretation from the novel to the 1966 to 2018 version.

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