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What the TRUMP? Is Trump a True Oligarch?

It is well within the first one hundred days and it has been nothing but horrific laughter. There is Michael Flynn stepping down as the national security adviser. There was the signing of the Extreme Vetting or (cough…cough) Muslim Travel Ban from countries that have never given any sign of a threat to America. No one can forget the cyber-bulling of a Nordstrom employee for saying Ivanka Trump’s line is not selling. Among all of the comic book villany that happened with one of the strongest positions in the US government, something with the inauguration speech did not sit well. It was if eating a roast beef sandwich that turned and churned in my stomach until the green shown on my face. Did Trump sample Bane’s speech from Dark Knight Rises? Also if so, is Trump a true oligarch?

The answer to that is…Just as Melania ripped lines…sampled from Former First Lady Michelle Obama, President Trump had borrowed from Hollywood yet again. I truly believe his sampling was clever, but respects and credit need to be given to the big guy…BA – BANE.

If you want, click here to reference the full speech from the New York Times. It was an awesome read and very well written. Although I suggest you do or view the youtube above and draw your own comparisons.

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