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Is Trans-Racial a worthy Defense for Rachel Dolezal?

There are moments in American history where the righteous triumphed over evil. As evil was used to trump the will the of others. You have had groups stand up and fight to remove certain groups or natural citizens with terms of monkey, anchor babies, while blurring the lines of justice to promote the deeds of the majority that is in power. For years, putting down others and extending and “inclusion card” for those that could pass for white has now seemed to go in the opposite trend. Rachel Dolezal has crossed that barrier from the white world to the black world and is being mercilessly crucified for it. The questions must be posed: Is being Trans-Racial a worthy defense for Rachel Dolezal? Yes it is. In America, the land of the Free, home of the brave and the “true individual,” she has exercised her right to decided to be what she is going and wanting to be by living with “Black Swag,” “Rejected White privilege,” and can being Trans-Racial be the new ethnic group.

For years, “Black Swag” has been immolated, copied and yet demonstrated in all walks of life. You can see it in fashion. Now wearing a blazer, tennis shoes and jeans is a business casual style of dress. Within in music, you could hear from the days of rag-time and rock roll. It was that soul that was missing. Yeah, the Beetles are beloved but if it wasn’t for BB King, the blues, Jimmy Hendrix, Fats Domino, Little Richard as well some others, the swag in the music will not be what it is today. Where do you think guitarist get those faster paced rifts from? They have all called themselves “bluesmen” and have moved it to a different genre. Even the Blues Brothers were advocates of Black Culture. What has she done to go against this behavior? Did she still from the Black community and culture? She went to work for the NAACP. This is an organization for the Advancement of Colored People (Not just black but all colors). She worked her way and became the president while working with a culture with she identified if you listen to words of her estranged mother.

White privilege is alive and well. Once again, in history, it can be seen flaunted in the face of the others. Yes, at one point in time: the Irish, Scottish as well as other white Europeans were excluded because white America was against them too, not just blacks but as the immigrant number climbed, the numbers were skewed by the census to include those white Europeans as their kids were being born in America to pad the numbers of the original Anglo-Saxon immigrants that some white Americans can trace their ancestry. Once white privilege was extended to this group then crime in those areas began to wane the war on others that can not pass for white ensued. There was the destruction of Rosewood. The perpetuation of Jim Crow in the south led to further evidence. Now there is the birth of the “New Jim Crow” which has the be the labeling of the criminal in the Black Community (as well as some others) which prevents a convicted felon from getting job (right to work acts), finding adequate dwelling, voting and as well as other common American rights. With this war on the community, the perpetuation of fear of being Black as commenced a war that most individuals cannot even see what is happening. With this WP being real, it seems to be shocking that a white woman has jumped ship to live her life as a black person. It appears to be more outraged of the fact that she identified, worked and lived as a black person which has everyone upset. With in the system of white privileged, white people have it all – those that are apparently aware of the system that is in their favor. Being black is like having the mark of Kain. You have it and don’t like that person but see the life that person is living and want to talk the walk but not walk it.

Before and after pictures of Rachel Dolezal. You be the judge!
Before and after pictures of Rachel Dolezal. You be the judge!

Finally, the reason that has everyone angry is the “trans-racial” or “trans-ethnic” defense. Could Trans-Racial be the new ethnic group? In another community, it is said that Gender is a social construct that doesn’t have to be followed. Is this really meaning that society made up gender – Man and Woman? Honestly, should have been believed that gender was decided at birth. If born with penis, then that person is a boy and born with vagina and working parts about the age of thirteen (maybe younger due to hormones in food) that it is a girl. Some where in this idea of American Culture pushing the pursuit of happiness and individualism that you can be what ever you want. Due to advancements in science, one can. There have been skin lightening, sex changing, penile and breast enlargements. In an interview with Bruce Jenner, he said he had a female soul and for all practical purpose is a woman…with a penis. What if Rachel Dolezal heard some “black music,” watched Good Times, and at soul food then doesn’t she possesses a black soul. If dressing up as a woman can give one the freedom to say that he has a feminine soul then why not a woman to have a black soul? She has possibly used some chemical process to curly her hair, used UV rays to darken here skin and studied and taught African Studies then she is clearly a colored woman, maybe not Black American but Colored.

In conclusion, is Trans-Racial a worthy defense for Rachel Dolezal? Yes, she has exercised her right to decided to be what she is going and wanting to be by living with “Black Swag,” “Rejected White privilege,” and can being Trans-Racial be the new ethnic group. With the advancements of Sciences and the ability to change to whatever one want to be. Why is it alright for a man to change into woman and everyone can say be in support but once a white woman becomes a black person, live as a black person, work as a black person, teaches Black Studies that the world seems to go on a witch hunt? The lines are becoming more blurred in being what is what one is. You have colored people lightening their skin, white people tanning and becoming darker, while other other sexes are becoming the opposite sex in all within the name of freedom then why are not Americans more accepting of people being what they truly feel at heart?!!!!

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