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CUTIES, Did We watch the SAME Film?

2020…sucks? There are covid-19 scares, lockdowns, voting scandals, and now NETFLIX. The one thing that was supposed to present all sides and be unbiased without an agenda, but just to show you movies, has been scrutinized. Has been crucified? Should I say, accused of something it has never done? To my visitors, you will be seeing this into sections of the website because it is indeed an editorial and movie review.

The movie has been unfairly criticized for sexualizing young girls, but has any of the naysayers watched this film? I have been combing through endless youtube rants and not one, so far, said they have watched the movie. If this fact is true, then everyone needs to be careful who they get their information from. For example, if you have never driven a car, then how can you say it is bad? Or better yet, if you have never lived in another country, how could you say it is dangerous? By not watching the film and forming an opinion about it, you are doing the same thing. You are judging without evidence.



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