Finding Your Home in Fujairah

Getting Help

Now, knowing that Fujairah is the youngest of the Emirates, then an apartment building or home/villa must be found. There are a few ways to locate a home. One can either:
1. Use,
2. Find a realtor, or
3. Locate the buildings his/herself and call the numbers.
First, using Dubizzle is an easy way to go. Dubizzle is the UAE version of Craiglist. Although there is Craiglist is here, there is nothing of use on it. This way is the easiest because it will circle to a realtor or a building owner. Therefore, the realtor or owner can set up a meeting and display the listings. The only bad thing about using this website is that not all the listings are shown so you may have to move to the next step.

The Al Hilal Office Building. An example of how a building will have the phone number on it.

Another outlet, there are plenty of realtors around Fujairah. Some of the realtors can be found in the Etisilat Yellow Pages or in the The Fujairah Observer. How can one know who to use? The potential tenant just will have to call and ask. If the link is clicked above, it should take you to a Fujairah Yellow Page Entry for them. Although this site does not want to appear biased, but for brief period of time we were using KW Properties. This company worked really hard to find a place for us but due to certain restrictions (our dog Lucy), we were not able to close on a location. If you are in Fujairah and want to get in contact with KW Properties, leave a message and email the site. Email us anyway but for faster service, just click the link: KW Properties. The key thing to remember is realtor fee.
The third outlet is the hardest which is to drive around and find the buildings on your own. This way is the most difficult because you will need a vehicle, knowledge of the area, have GPS (Navigation), and have a mobile (cellphone) to contact the building owners directly. With these buildings, one will call the number and that number may set you up with the watchman of the building. This person will then take you to see the apartment or the style that is available. If feeling adventurous then this is the way to go.
These three ways are the most common options for finding long-term accommodations. It all depends on what your needs are. Does the place need to have a pool, gym or be near a large grocery store? Also, the size of the apartment does help with finding a location. Just choose the best way possible. Know the limitations or restrictions and be honest.

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