SK-II Pop-Up

I always travel every weekend, but on December 1st I got a surprise when I was checking my Facebook feed and saw that SK-II was having a pop-up event starting from that day! Lucky for me, I was taking a bus to Central City Terminal in Seoul. After taking care of meetings and errands, I had some time to kill so I decided to check out the pop-up store. One of the reasons why I wanted to go was to try out the SK-II Magic Ring. I was fortunate enough to try it about two years ago, so I wanted to know how much my skin condition had changed. If you don’t know what Magic Ring is, it is SK-II’s device that analyzes your skin to see how well you are taking care of your face.


So what does the SK-II event entail? First, you go to the information desk to pick up an event card which lists three missions you must complete. The missions do not have to be completed in order. The first one I went to do was getting the Magic Ring consultation and seeing how much my skin had aged since the last time I visited SK-II. A very friendly consultant asked me about aspects I was concerned about. She also asked about my skincare routine and was very impressed that I had 7 steps after cleansing. 🙂 After checking off the things I mentioned, she scanned my cheek and we got to see the state of my skin. Here were the results!

From the top and going clockwise, it gave information on Texture Refinement, Firmness Power, Wrinkle Resilience, Spot Control, and Radiance Enhancement. Compared to two years ago, the second photo in this post, my skin aged fairly well I would say. However, I saw that I could improve in the Firmness and Wrinkle aspects of my skin. After giving me advice on how I can better take care of my skin, she gave me samples and also stamped my mission card. Now I was ready for the next mission, which was getting my picture taken in a special booth.

An attendant was ready by the booth and he took my photo with a Polaroid camera. Actually, I thought this was the second mission but I was mistaken, so I went to the SNS table near the photo booth to tackle the mission. I had to download a Shinsegae app and leave a comment about the event on the SK-II product page. If you don’t know what to do, don’t worry! The attendant is very helpful. After checking my post, the attendant at the SNS table stamped my mission card. I was ready to head onto the last mission.

The last mission was to create a card using a stencil and glittery paint, but the artist at the card table was away for dinner, so one of the regular attendants helped me make a card by having me select one sticker to apply on an empty card. It turned out to be a card for the Polaroid photo I took earlier! After getting the third and last stamp, I went back to the information booth of the pop-up store. To my surprise, they handed me three coins. Now I had a new mission: pick up orbs from the claw machine.

I went to the other side of the pop-up store to where the claw machines were. I thought the machines would be rigged just like the claw machines at arcades. To my surprise I walked away with two orbs. An attendant opened up the orbs and gave me the small circular cards contained inside. They had pictures of the items I won – a face mask and a bottle of Cellumination Deep Surge EX! I went back to the information booth to receive my prizes. By the time I was finished, it was almost time for me to start boarding my bus back home. Many people also started gathering by the stage area in front of the store. Turned out that Taeyang was going to appear and perform, but I decided not to stay any longer. A good day well spent!

The pop-up store is located in Famille Station in Seoul, South Korea.

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