Saving on Seoul Metro Rides

Do you like saving money?

While public transportation in Korea is already inexpensive, in comparison to the USA, I am always up for saving money in any aspect of my life. While I have lived in different cities and provinces during my eight-year residency, I was surprised to find so later on that there was a great way to save money for the Seoul subway system!

Called 정기승차권, it’s a commuter card that is used only on the Seoul Metro lines. Here is a photo of the two cards I have:

All transactions related to this card must be in cash. The card costs 2,500 won and can be purchased at most subway stations. You can inquire at the information kiosk at the station.

If the station closest to you does not have one then you might still be able to purchase one from the customer service/information office which every subway has for sure.

Once you have acquired one you have to charge it, which you can do at any machine in English in the subway except for the newer blue ones. So stick to using the machines that look like this:

The subway fares are divided into 7 sections but I only used Section 1. The cost is 55,000 KRW and is good for 60 rides. You have 30 days to use them all and the countdown starts the day you use the card. If you do not use up the 60 rides by the 30th day they do not roll over for usage on the next month.

60 rides for 55,000 KRW will cost you about 916 KRW per ride compared to the standard 1,250 KRW subway ride. It’s a great way to save money if you live in or near Seoul and rely on the metro system daily.

Since you are paying with cash it is also tax deductible when you register your info through the site listed on the back of the card for the 현금영수중 (cash receipt).


More information can be found on the Seoul Metro site here.


Have any questions about the Seoul commuter card? Feel free to write them in the comments.

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