Hi, Ice Cream

Hi, Ice Cream – Korea’s own interactive art exhibit opened up this week and its main theme is ice cream!

Is this exhibit about ice cream? Not really. It is an ice-cream inspired exhibit where visitors can take photos and selfies in a variety of backgrounds and settings.

If you’ve kept up with American pop culture then you might have read about Museum of Ice Cream where visitors can take gorgeous photos for the purpose of sharing on social media such as Instagram.

“Hi, Ice Cream” is the Korean version of that exhibit in collaboration with Binggrae, famous for their Melona ice cream.

I initially came across this exhibit because I was looking for ways to use up my phone service provider membership points. Initially there were no photos about the exhibit except for the main poster, so I had no idea what to expect. I purchased the early bird ticket for 9,900 won and decided to check it out on Friday morning.

My initial thought upon entering the exhibit was that EVERYTHING was pink! Very pink.

It was fun to see all the life-size ice cream and popsicles on display, but I was not quite sure how to take pictures of myself with them so I opened the door to find the rest of the exhibit. The next room was long and had many things on display such as more life-sized ice cream and artwork on the wall. At the end of the hall was a staff member waiting to greet visitors and give each of us a Melona ice cream bar that was not the regular melon-flavored but cantaloupe-flavored! It tasted interesting but I was not fond of the cantaloupe chunks in it. As I ate my ice cream I walked through the next part of the exhibit and found myself in front of a ball pool.

I took my shoes off to go inside and take selfies but it was a bit strange because a man was taking a photo of me. It turned out that he was one of the employees from the company and was inspecting the exhibit with a couple of other people.

The next area was the main room and had a carousel of ice cream and unicorns. And nearby was a claw machine where everyone could play one time and get a free prize if we could pick a ball up. There was a section that teetered off in a hallway of mirrors.

There was also a secret room with a huge duck and many flamingos. Guests could sit in the hot pink chairs to watch the short video clip and enjoy the music.

To be frank, I probably would not have gone if I had to pay for the full price. Although the price is MUCH lower than New York’s Museum of Ice Cream, there is a stark contrast between the two. Nonetheless, it was a great way to use up my points and experience something new before heading off to the next thing of that day.

Tickets are also available on Interpark or TMON.

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