Get Made Into a 3D Figure for Free!

The upcoming year in Korea will be its biggest yet in terms of tourism, as well as having the opportunity to make another impression on the rest of the world. Why? The 2018 Winter Olympics, of course. There has been lots of hype surrounding Pyeongchang ever since it was announced that Korea would host the Winter Olympics: locals getting the chance to attend test events, special concerts to promote Pyeongchang, inviting power bloggers on familiarization tours of Pyeongchang, and much more!

The 2018 Winter Olympics will be held in February and March. With the event approaching so quickly, it’s no surprise that more promotional events are popping up throughout the nation. The most recent one is this week in Insadong, Seoul where you have a chance to be made into a figure, which will then be displayed in a miniature stadium during the Olympics. After the Olympics has concluded, you will be able to get the figure of yourself! When you sign up to get your picture you will have a choice to include your national, as well as utilize many props provided. There were props such as medals, banners, mascot plushies, etc. This is a free event but October 1st is the last day to get your picture taken in the 3D scanner, so hurry!

You will receive a brochure about the event, which also has a page to get stamps for completing activities of the event which are filling out the information form, getting yourself scanned, and leaving a message of support for the Olympics. Once you have collected all three stamps, head back to the information desk to receive brochures about Korea and an eco water bottle.
The Winter Olympics mascots will also be around to take pictures with you.
Location: Ssamzigil (1st floor area), Insadong, Seoul
Take Subway Line 3, Anguk Station exit 6

Additional links:
The Official Winter Olympics 2018 website

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