Get an F2 visa – thanks to ElectRow for the Information

n the last issue of Elect Row I talked about the infamous F2-7 Korean visa and how some of the basic points could be added up towards the final goal of 80 points. Age will get at least 23 points if you’re 25-29 years old, and 25 points if you’re 30-34 years old. If you completed university and a degree of some discipline was received, that earns a minimum of 26 points. You earn 28 points if the degree was in science or an engineering discipline. So, for example, that’s 49 points for a 25 year old with an arts degree. More points are awarded to those with higher level degrees. A master’s degree yields 30 points and a doctorate in Science and Engineering brings 35 points. (see the table below)

Eighty (80) is the minimum number of points needed for the F2-7, so other points need to be earned from additional categories. One of the most important categories to earn points is the Korean Language section. Up to 20 points can be earned, if you can master the TOPIK level 6, which is no easy task. Unless you have been studying Korean for a while, you’re going to have to take the longer route. (see the table below)

However, let’s say you’re in a higher age and education bracket; you could easily get 10-12 points by passing the basic TOPIK test; which is passable with only a month or two of studying. The test is offered 5 times a year in Korea, so chances are you’ll have more than enough time to prepare. Here is a great resource for the TOPIK, with test schedules and practice tests you can download to prepare with.

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