Chungju Light World

Chungju Light World, Korea’s largest light amusement park, opened on April 13, 2018. It comprises of at least 16 themed zones and is constantly expanding every day. The lights were designed by Italian engineers.

I have been living in Chungju (충주) for over a year and whenever I am in a new place, I always try to discover and experience new things from that place. One way I do this is to scroll around the Naver Maps site and see what buildings or museums there are. After returning from Germany this winter, the Naver Maps app updated to English and I was able to easily see what was in my city. Among various things such as a drive-in movie theater, I noticed that there was a “Light World” opening in April.

I was busy interviewing potential interpreters for the World Firefighters Games, which will also be held in Chungju, and had no energy to attend the opening night which included fireworks! It took a while but I finally had free time and energy to go check out Light World on a Wednesday evening with a friend.

As the amusement park was still new, we were able to get in for the discounted price 8,000 won. After going through the entrance we saw life-size figures which strayed a bit from how the original figures would look. These life-size statues of famous movie characters were scattered throughout the park.

Once inside, there was no suggest path to follow and we were free to roam around any way we pleased. We could clearly see the main attraction of the park and decided to check it out. Along the way we passed by the London Bridge after walking through a lighted tunnel of hearts.

After walking through the tunnel of hearts, we were finally able to see the lit up replica of St. Peter’s Basilica.

It is about 100 meters (~328 feet) long and comprises of about a million lights. In the front on either side are large speakers to blast music. Across from the Basilica were kiosks selling drinks such as beer from all over the world. This is also where the main performances happen in the evening, one of which I was able to attend and you can read about it here.

After walking through the Basilica, we veered to the right and came across a tree house type of area. There were lit up bugs on the ground but to get to them, we had to go through the small structure. If you looked up, you could also spot pandas on the trees.

After walking through most of the park an announcement was made that a light show was going to start at the Basilica. Various popular songs came on and we were able to enjoy the lights changing to the music, although it was a bit too loud.

We wrapped up our visit by watching the dog show at one of the corners of the park. The owner performed various tricks for the audience with his two dogs – mother and daughter.

On our way out we walked by some places again to see if we missed anything. I’m glad we did because we saw two donkeys eating! Carriage rides were 10,000 won and not a bad price.

It was a great Wednesday evening spent and the park was not crowded. There were many other things we did not check out, such as a handmade exhibit, an area where you can make your own LED decoration, and much more. The entrance fee is currently 8,000 won until the end of June. The regular price is 15,000 won.

Chungju (충주), Chuncheongbuk Province is located near the middle of South Korea. Chungju Light World adds to the already growing list of activities to do in the city.

Chungju is accessible by intercity bus, express bus, and train. Cheongju Airport is a 45-minute train ride away from Chungju.

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