Chanel Perfume Workshop

One thing I love about Chanel is that once you sign up for their free samples and workshops, they don’t stop sending notifications about the next event. Like with my other ventures of collecting free samples from stores without ever making a purchase, I signed up for Chanel samples after seeing a sponsored ad on my Facebook feed. That was over a year ago. This was my second Chanel workshop I was attending, the first one being almost one year ago. [Link about the first workshop will come later here]. I remember the date of the first one very well because it is the day after I officially began dating my now fiance.

I was checking my daily messages and saw a text about a Chanel workshop. I followed the link in the text to sign up for a time slot. Unfortunately all the time slots were full, so I decided to try again later and just sign up to visit the pop-up exhibit as a general visitor first. Luckily this time the location was in the Garosugil, Sinsa area and there would be no massive walk up a hill like the previous workshop location. I arrived at the location a bit early assuming it would be the same as the pop-up museum but I was wrong.

The pop-up store was tiny but had a small exhibit featuring the three different Chanel perfumes, inspired by three different French locations. I decided to kill some time by going through the exhibit. I was handed a thick envelope tied up with a ribbon and waited to enter the exhibit. There were three rooms to showcase each of the three perfumes. Each docent talked about the location which inspired the perfume and then handed me a card which held the perfume’s scent. There were little pockets in the envelope to hold these cards, as well as the postcards I was able to choose when passing through each room. The final room was where we could decorate our postcards, take selfies, and sip on three types of drinks which represented each location. After completing the exhibit I showed my attendee QR code to receive a perfume sample of my choice and then I went upstairs to attend the workshop.

Right away when I went up to the second floor the first person standing out was the artist in the center of the room, painting. The signup page on the website mentioned something about giving a painting as a gift to commemorate the workshop. I wondered how the artist would be able to paint ALL the attendees as there were at least thirty people coming in and out each hour. My answer to that question came at the end of the workshop.

The doors to the workshop room opened and we were able to sit wherever we pleased. I sat in the middle of the table to the right upon entering. However, it was such a hot and humid day and I didn’t want to be near anyone, so I moved to the end of the table! I sat down in my new seat and observed the objects on the table before the workshop began.

I was a little disappointed in this workshop because I thought it would be similar to the previous Chanel workshop I attended where I created something (will insert link to that here later). Instead, a Chanel representative had us cover our eyes and smell each ceramic stick and guess which city it was inspired from. After explaining all three cities, the representative announced that three winners would be chosen randomly to have their portrait painted by the Chanel artist. I was a bit disappointed because I never win lotteries or lucky draws. On side of the case where the Chanel logo was located was a sticker with a number on it. VERY luckily for me, my number (number seven!) was drawn and I was chosen to receive a painted drawing of myself!!

The artist took about ten minutes to paint each person so the wait was not that long. I asked for the artist’s Instagram name and he handed me a business card. Turns out that he was a local artist hired by Chanel, but nonetheless still great!

The workshop also gave its attendees sample perfume, shower gel, and body lotion so everyone could get something, even if it wasn’t the painting.

Here is the link again to sign up for the workshop:

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