A Cheaper way of Shipping Your Pets out of Korea

If you are a fur-baby owner in Korea and decided to leave, you have now got to an expensive decision: how to ship your pet? There are different ways of getting this done. There are services that you hire which could and will become over a million won. The reason is they will have to do everything from picking up the pet, storing the pet, transporting the pet, and arranging the shipping of the pet. Basically, the business speaks the language and if this seems daunting then this maybe the way go. As for the title of the article, there is a cheaper way and now will be an easier way because we have made the mistakes for you.

If you have your destination and airlines, and your dog must be shipped and cannot be a carry on, then you will need this company: East Asia Air Express Inc. From when I was flying out of Seoul, ROK through Delta,I was told that all the companies ship through them. You need to arrange a way to get to this place so they can do the measurements of the carrier and the purchase the ticket. They only accept cash and should be close to exact change because change may not be given. The phone number placed here will have some people that have the ability to speak English if your Korean is not strong like mine, but I can read. Here is there info below:

East Asia Air Express, inc.

Company Overview: East Asia Air Express Inc. provides air freight transportation services. East Asia Air Express Inc. is based in Seoul, South Korea.

동아 황 공 (주)
2nd Floor
Dongah Bldg
17-1 Namyong-Dong
Seoul, 140160
South Korea

Phone: 82 2 790 0021
Fax: 82 2 790 2381

The people in EAAE are really nice. The English-speaking office is in Seoul near the middle of the city. We didn’t really go here because the area where we needed to go was close to the Animal Quarantine. It took some time for me but following what we did, then it will save you time and money…unless things have changed since we left Korea back in October 2015.

After you have gone to your vet and all the records needed are in your possession, go trough these steps:

  • Call East Asia to set up an appointment for the ticket
  • Go to Animal Quarantine to retrieve Certificate
  • Go to East Asia get your estimate (go with animal, carrier, and certificate)
  • Finally, go back on the day you are shipping out to drop off the animal and pay the fees.

공항화물청사역 -  Incheon Airport Cargo Terminal

Now, because of all the changes, the shipping animal quarantine is in Incheon International Airport Cargo Terminal. Don’t be fooled. The cargo terminal is a a subway stop that is actually away from the buildings you will need. Without a car, you will need to ride the Airport Line to this stop. Once you have exited the subway station, you will need to catch a bus. At this stop, there are two buses. One bus will take you to EAAE in the cargo terminal, not the address in Seoul, and the other is to Animal Quarantine which I believe may be area “B”. (The Animal Quarantine within the Incheon Airport is only for carry on pets.)

*The are 2 different areas you will need to visit. I believe the areas are broken up into three quadrants: A, B, C. Also, You will need EAAE to give you the address and phone number to contact the person in their division in the Airport Cargo Terminal. There maybe someone who can speak English, but just call the English to help them translate to the people in the center there on the second floor.


Incheon International Airport (Cargo Terminal) : Tel. 82-32-740-2680
Animal Quarantine

There is a sign telling you which bus will take you to the area of the quarantine. There you will fill out the form. At the office are people who can speak English; but always call first to make sure that they are expecting you. Also, get the address because the address system has changed just if you have decided to take a cab. The people there are very friendly but have to scan the chip in your animal. Also, have the Quarantine call East Asia Air Express because they will have to explain somethings for you to get the certificate you need from Quarantine.

The problem and reason why is this because you must have a ticket to get the quarantine certificate to have the ability to ship the animal but you can not get a ticket without having the certificate to show EAAE. This is the reason these steps above are in that order. I will apologize that I do not have the picture for the bus stop because it has been lost, but it is easy to read. If you have GPS, then you can use that to find it easier.

After Animal Quarantine have given you the certificate, then you will have to catch the bus back to the Airport Terminal Subway Stop to catch the Bus going to the (a) area, please check the sign, to take you to the 동아 황 공 (주) Dong Ah Hwang Gong. If you can do this in the morning then you can make it to the ICN Airport Cargo, go to the Animal quarantine, go back to the ICN Airport Cargo and then the take the other bus to 동아 황 공 (주) Dong Ah Building.

My Lucille
My Lucille
The Bolts Needed The Regulation Carrier
The Dog Carrier Carrier Bolts

The pictures presented here are to show the size of the dog I carried around to do all the errands. If you have a huge dog, then you may want to opt for the company to come and pick up the pet but you will still have to transport the dog to the middle of the city (Seoul); but there are people who will do this for you.

To purchase your ticket, you will have to get cash. They only accept cash, but it must be paid on the day you are shipping the pet. I had a flight leaving Korea in the late morning and had the dog shipped early in the morning. I had a large black limousine cab pick us up and take us to 동아 황 공 (주) Dong Ah Hwang Gong early in the morning. I had an appointment with them around five am. She was shipped by seven in the morning and I left around ten. I had to make sure I had cash to pay it. Make sure to ask them what is the cost of shipping that day and take a couple hundred extra in small bills to pay exact if the price differs on the day you are shipping. The price is only an estimate. Believe me, the price fluctuates.

On a final note, it also depends on which city you are in which could take a lot of time. If you are traveling from Daejeon to the Airport (ICN) it may be more difficult the farther you are from Seoul. It will take using Agoda.com to find a pet friendly option to stay over night in Unseo to get up early in the morning to travel with your large pet. It can be done, but you have to be weary of traveling with animals on the KTX. If your animal is deemed harmful, you and the pet could be removed from the train. People should not be feeding, harassing or bothering your pet. If you are in Busan, you may would have to ship your pet from Busan to Incheon because it is a large airport and therefore East Asia Air Express may have an office in Busan but you will have to call and make sure. Another fact is this method of cargo shipping is used during the heat embargo during the months of May to September. If you are deciding to leave South Korea during these times, you will have to use cargo shipping.

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