Friendly Fire – Episode 45 – Perception part 2 – Is Affirmative Action Dead? – Part 1

Friendly Fire – Episode 45 – Perception part 2 – Is Affirmative Action Dead? – Part 1
Friendly Fire

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Join Caliph and Jamese as they discuss Affirmative Action. What is it? Is there Still a need for it? What are some of the most common myths surrounding Affirmative Action?

Here is the image of the comic strip mentioned during the podcast from an article written in The Federalist Papers. Please judge for yourself if you feel that this is inappropriate for a teacher to use in school? Was Affirmative Action the fight back against the issue of White Privilege?

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0 thoughts on “Friendly Fire – Episode 45 – Perception part 2 – Is Affirmative Action Dead? – Part 1

  1. You people are disgusting. The end of racism does not mean that we need to pay back the debt, though we can and should help people who are in need. The end of racism means the end of any sort of racial discrimination good or bad.

    1. Aaaaaaawwwww, I have listened to the show again and although I respect your stance you are incorrect on two parts:
      1. Disgusting – I have not heard anything of the sort. Maybe that it is disgusting of the numbers heard – 48% of white college educated men hold 98% of ceo (board member) spots etc etc. if so then we agree; but to say we are disgusting is an emotional response and I hope you feel better. Saddle up buck-o.
      2. End of Racism. It will never end until we as people 1st realize that race is a social construct to promote a monetary caste based on skin color and back ground. We did point out that there are biases which everyone poses but if you are in a position of power or hiring then to be aware of the biases will reduce the hiring of people that may look like you but truly higher the best from different backgrounds because they can bring something new to the table. Now the racism part comes in is when a person will only hire someone that looks like them but that is more of discrimination and although related not the same.
      Now I don’t know you but your post sounds like the racist brainwashing that has corrupted a system to get people to open their eyes and also the few may have spoiled the bunch.
      Look up Thurgood Marshall. Now here is a fact…most Black things have been inclusive but it was the opposite for the latter.
      Thank you for listening and keep listening. Love the ideas and keep sharing. You are welcomed here

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