Flat Foot – American Crime – s02e06 – You Don’t Get to Make Heroes

Flat Foot – American Crime – s02e06 – You Don’t Get to Make Heroes
Flat Foot An American Crime Podcast

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Join Caliph Knight and Jamese as they discuss American Crime season 2 episode 6 that they are calling “Stop Acting Like Queers!” Leslie disregards the school lawyer’s advice and welcomes Eric back to Leyland; Anne wants to take the school to court over what happened with her son; an incident at Marshall High School incites a student protest. Subscribe through iTunes and Android. You can also


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0 thoughts on “Flat Foot – American Crime – s02e06 – You Don’t Get to Make Heroes

  1. I enjoy your podcast very much–thank you for all you do to put out this content.
    I have to disagree about one small point. Are we sure its the student’s fault if they can’t get to school in time for breakfast? I took a bus to school and always arrived barely in time for class, never mind an earlier breakfast. Maybe some students have to walk younger siblings to their school or bus stop because parents are working or have some other issue. I don’t think most parents would be so angry if it was just a matter of their kids being too lazy to get to school on time for breakfast. You never know other people’s reality.
    Keep up the great work!

    1. Hi Ellen. Thank you very much for following us. We love your input and please keep it coming. Now for myself, I can speak highly upon having to walk to school or when I lived 20 miles from my school and I had to catch public transportation during my parents divorce. It was extremely difficult to make it on time; but my school set no special programs because of myself and other students that arrived late would not receive special treatment. Now, this experience does no way cover the millions upon millions of other circumstances. Now it shouldn’t hurt to have programs such as the HHFK, but what are we telling students about being on time, despite your circumstances, being late is ok. We both know this isn’t true. We learn our first ways of dealing with corporate society, punctuality, and efficiency from school. Another time, I had to take my younger sister school. Because she could not be left at the school because my school began earlier than hers. I had enough time to drop her off and to make it right before breakfast ends. This is with catching 2 public buses, and walking 30 minutes before actually getting to her school. Waiting for her school to open, and finally making it to my school. Some days, I could not get breakfast because I was too late and other times, I would barely make it. It is difficult situation. Ellen, Thank you for comments. Keep listening.

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