Black Dynamite The Animated Series

This is your desert prophet, Caliph Knight bringing your his first review of Crossfire on the animated series from adult swim Black Dynamite. So put on your polyester suit and see if you can dig it because this review is brought to you by Krusade Entertainment. Before moving to South Korea, I never watched television and was completely out of the loop. Once I moved here, the past 10 years of American Television opened up and has given me countless hours of entertainment that I once deemed was idiotic.

This past season from The Boondocks has left me unentertained and sad because it was extremely hilarious its first few season. I truly think, Black Dynamite the animated series is here to fill that void.  The series, created by Bryon Minns, Scott Sanders and Michael Jai White,  chronicles the life of Black American Legend of Black Dynamite and his crew during the 1970’s.  He is an ex-CIA agent and full times ladies man who is out to protect the hood from drug dealing pimps, Kung-Fu Masters, and  the ever lurking -The Man.

Although born from the diabolical live action film of the same name, the cartoon has taken the comic strip feel of the B-rated, Black-splotation film to new heights.  The comicial failure of the movie has worked splendidly within the animated spectrum.  The cheesy one-liners and “the man,” Honky-jokes seems to work wonders in the animated medium.  The Kung-fu maritial arts fighting scenes seem to  carry the jokes about “Disturbing his Kung-Fu” catch-phrase with a more “comical” hit.

Honestly, maybe it was the the tiring one-note clown shoe jokes made in the movie seems to hit home with in a shorter time slot.  24 mins versus the 90 minute segment of the movie seems to keep the viewers more interested with tighter story telling and more outrageous comedic outtakes that take the Black Legend from simple, bad story telling to comedic geniuous.

Even if I told my best friend that I want years of my life back from watching the abomination of what was the movie, I find myself throughly entertained by the cartoon.  The jokes are spot. The 70’s jive and atmosphere is hilarious. There was a joke about OJ, Michael Jackson and some other famous or infamous celebrities are not safe.

Black Dynamite keep fighitng all the jive turkeys and the Man to protect the hood. This something we can certainly dig. For more inofmration check your local listings and Adult Swim for more information. Check out the trailer at the bottom of this article.

Rating:3.5 out of 5 stars (3.5 / 5)

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