Terminator Genisys: New Line, New Time, What the Hell?

In 1984, there was story of woman named Sarah and how she was going to save the world. Not only save the world, but give birth to the Messiah, if you will, that will lead the human resistance against the low down dirty machines. This series was created by the honorable James Cameron and Gale Ann Hurd. The original movie scared me, while some may thing it is boring, the second one touched me with John’s emotional attached, while the next two in teh series was rather forgettable what makes this movie likable? What made this movie stand out? It is because the movie has tried to erase some of the pitfalls that series has written itself in which can easily happen in Time Travel films, games etc. Maybe that is why my favorite game series, The Legacy of Kain, has been on a permanent time out.

First, time and history are static or linear as some shall say. In the original terminator, Sarah Connor meets Kyle Reese and is told of the future of her having a son that will lead the resistance. He tells her of all the issues and travesties that will befall mankind. She then relays everything on a cassette tape which was a step by step guide for John to fight the damn machines. This raised the questions, if you were to go back in time and tell someone from the past what will happen in the future this should then create multiple possiblities. Lets think about Dr. Who. There are mutli-verses of time. You pull one thread it doesn’t unravel the whole thing it just splits into new time line or lines. Humans or free will is at play at this point. Nothing is predestined. If so, could these issues be addressed in later movies?
john connort2Second, these issues were tried to be corrected in the later installments. T2, John is born and now they must kill him to stop the leader of the revolution.  Now, this movie has a place in my heart. It seemed touching because there is this troubled youth with a crazed mom (sounds like anyone famous we know)and is without a father, because he is dead from the first one. He bonds with the terminator and creates for some chilling and bonding moments. They go to Cyberdyne and blow it up. Destory all the evidence to keep anything of the terminators and skynet from coming back or did they? The evolution of the story which led to the third installment which state the government picked up where Cyberdyne left out. Skynet is the Norton of Antivirus programs and will save the day. This not only created Skynet (internet) but led to destruction of man kind. With this minut change or major change introduces the idea of multiple timelines and complication of time travel series. John Connor has to be born. He has to lead the resistance but it is at a later date? It is still toying with the idea of fate and predistation and the right for people to choose. The fourth installment with Cristian Bale was the one that just moved us into the future. Also, introduces us to another pitfall. If you know how you are created, can you still make it happen? Kyle Reese is a young guy under the command of John Connor who now knows that Kyle is his father. He doesn’t say anything and hangs out with like buds. Well not yet, I am getting a head of myself. He has to save young Kyle from being killed by the machines in the fourth movie. There is something different. The machines have tried different ways of making the cyborg terminators. This is found out through human trials of the cyborg with a human mind in this movies. He is still who he is but all metal. Thus it is explained this was thrown away because you control the human mind. This was another mark that was different and threw John Connor for a loop. Now it seems like history therefore has to be made to make the future. If you know that you being born will make the future the way it is although you are humanities only hope, what is one to do in this situation? Keep making it happen and be a slaved to what must be.

Third, this movie has not set up and address some of the story that was like a piss stain in a mattress. How do you get it out? Go back to freewill and multiple time line theory. Every action can change the potential future. I am not going to spoil it for everyone so I will keep this section brief. The movie starts out in the future in what is expected to happen. The end of the war is at hand. John as figured out that this night they have to destroy this time machine before the original terminator is sent back. Well, obviously, if the trailer is viewed, Kyle goes back to the past but met with a whole string of new hurdles and memories. Before he is officially sent back, Kyle sees something that triggers this whole mission. He goes back as usual but things are a little different. Skynet and Judgement Day must be stopped but with these new curb balls being thrown in Genysis, how can it be done?

Finally, one must do what must be done. There is freewill and there are predetermined events that must happen in the series. Although time is like road map with many forks in the road that leads to the same destination. Someone once said time is like a river flowing and if you were to throw a rock into river the water is disrupted but time moves on and around the hurdle to get to the same destination. Is it the illusion of freewill that people have that makes them believe they are in charge? Only if one could exist outside of time to see how the story ends. There are hurdles the heroes of the movie must encounter to make it to the end. There are certain changes that be made to the story that will really jump start the series again. Without giving anything away, they gave a great reason why Arnold is old in the movie. This is awesome because it continues to have him in the series as he gets older. Besides, Arnold made the series.

In conclusion, I absolutely loved this installment. The story has its twists and turns and kept me guessing. Although if you are a fan of the series you can guess how it will end up; but I guess that is the point of the series. You know how the story will be but just go along for the right. It is the climb as Miley Cyrus sung about before she became a loose cannon. I, therefore, give this move
Rating 4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)
stars. It a great action ride that gave some new twist and turns in the movie but kind of wrote themselves out of the whole. This is a spoiler: I hope you saw the extra clip in the credits.

Rating 4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)

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