NBA Live 19…IS on Fire!

Ssssssswish! It isn't a perfect game but a truly great follow up and expansion to delight which was NBA Live 18. They have added some new things that just keep growing.

Lets check it out!


The one is back and has a few friends. Join The One on globetrotting adventure to establish One's dominance on the playground. With a custom court, you can protect yours or conquer others. Lets not forget, the WNBA not only has next but runs with the squad too.

Alright people, I am going to try to keep this short because, as I said this is a decent follow up to something that whisked me away from 2k. During my early Live days, I played other games such as NBA Jam, Hang time, In the Zone, and Shootout; but Live felt like home. Since Live's absence, I thirsted for some simulated realism that give me a break from the day to day grind. Here is my break down of NBA Live '19.

Best Things

Offline: The offline mode is practically the same. I don't really need so much story line. I just want to play basketball. It was even more simplified to texting, but combine was better than 18. You can play, level up your player, and then go into the draft. The character competes in the combine and how well your perform tasks will get you in the upper part of the draft. There is the league still. They also added something that I can practice with your one character. Learn the quirks and then dominate.

Online: The online mode has added a few features that I like. I love the squad in Your Court. In this mode, you have rules, handicaps and other things that can make the games extremely difficult but fun. Lets just say, challenging. The previous game play, Live Run, is back. They did add a new feature. You have an online career ranking status. I believe its mostly bragging rights, but does show the amount of time one puts into the game...Online that is.

Game Play: The game play has been improved. The crossovers are tricker to perform. The post moves don't feel like animations. The flow is smooth and amazing. When playing street ball, the the pace can be controlled and with a few simple creative moves, can start a magnificent ankle or fast break.

Here are some the things I found awful.

Awful Things

Online: None. No gripes here.

Offline: There is no "The One" for the WNBA. My sister-in-law, who was ecstatic to hear that women characters can be in the game, but that is it. You still have to be a man to run "The League" but there is no expansion mode for the WNBA.

*Here is what I would like to see: WNBA "The League." This is for both, legend teams for both. I mean for the first 4 years of the WNBA life, the Houston Comets dominated the scene. The first team to win four straight championships. They are completely not in the game. Also, for the men, you have added T-mac and others, but what about the team. Live can easily have a leg up on the competition with this.

Gameplay: I don't really care about storyline. This isn't the WWE.


It is a solid follow up to previous installment. As I said, I remember when Live would come out every year and I was excited to see if they added all, maybe not all but some, of the little things that my cousins and I would talk about. You haven't got it now...then go out and support EA baby!.

Overall: 4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)

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