NBA is Live! Boom Shaka Laka!

Best Things

Let’s just lay it out there: the game play, online and story mode, and player face scan are the best things about the game. It really felt as if NBA Live finally cashed in on those promises from previous games which let the fans down and move over to 2k. It was listed in a certain way but allow the time to venture the features in reverse.< br>
The face scan mode is the most accurate in comparison to 2k. On Live, the character even with the hair and beard, face looks as if i am looking in a mirror. As compared to 2k facial scan, my face seemed to given chipmunk cheeks. No matter how many times I did it over again, 2k still gave the character the mumps. The NBA Live version just seemed to easier and better. The process is one will just download the app, as the competitor. Once the app is downloaded, you will move your face slowly from side to side as instructed and then voila.
The Modes are truly addictive. After the player is created, you can play offline or online games to build points. This is different than earning VC because you actually have to play the game. If patience is lacking, then one can lose much money with the competitor, but if you enjoy actually building the “connection” with the character and building a certified superstar then the slow build is the way to do it.
Offline: If the story is first on the journey, then the player must get drafted. There is the summer league. This is where the low attributed character competes against the other rookies and first year players. Depending how well the character does here and the combine, will determine the character’s place in the draft. They all want to be top 10, right? There is also the different street ball leagues. The story told here is a basic tale of friendship and coming of age, but its a basketball game. Does it really need a story? Here, attributes points are earned and abilities. There is also a mode to compete against street ball legends to earn special EA crates. The crates is where the character gets his swag on the court. Once in the NBA, if the character is good and have made a name for himself then he could be traded or choose to stay with the team that drafted him. *I chose to go with the trade because the rockets, my favorite team, gave up Ariza for my character. It has also been my fantasy to play ball for the rockets.

Online: Online is a whole other beast. There is the live run that puts the character into a 5v5 game. Immediately, a cohesion must be formed to take down the appoints. With the possession of a headset, trash talking and communication can be had between teammates to solidify each win. There are challenges for special crates. Here, the character can compete against Rocket legends. One must have the PSN subscription to be able to play on line and get these updates.
WNBA: The inclusion of the Women’s League is very special. As a fan of the four time WNBA Champions, the Houston Comets, this was a very refreshing moment. The women are finally included. Although it is 20 years to late and my home town team is no more, it is a very positive step forward to promote the women as well.

Game Play: If the 1995 season of the NBA was about grit and toughness which was reflected in the game released on Super Nintendo, then today’s league, (2017), is about style, shake ‘n bakes, broken ankles and much more. The game play is smooth and the gravity of the game seems to be completely functional. The more intrigue fact is that the handles seem to be the promise that EA tried to deliver on in 2010. In 2010, the age of Steve Nash, his speed and crossovers were legendary in the league. EA tried to capitalize on this by making the controls a bit more complicated and involving the analog sticks. Maybe the math was wrong as the game seemed as a middle school boy slow dancing with a girl for the first time. This is when 2k took over with better game play. 2011 tried and I had the demo, but it never happened. In this one, there are the analogs. The left is used to control direction and the other is for the crossover animations. If the time is correct, ankles can be broken and angles can be formed. With that hesitation, an advantage for the character is formed to blow by the defender for an easy jam. It is easy to “master” although the phrase should be get used to. There are tutorials to help.
The road for these achievements are leaps and bounds above previous renditions. The Offline and Online game modes are astounding and addictive. I can’t stop playing online. Being a Rockets fan, the character is a great vicarious way to play along and against the stars of the NBA.

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