CUTIES, Did We watch the SAME Film?

My Critique

Base on the information about Ms.Maïmouna Doucouré this movie was pieced together from personal growth and things seen in real life. This is a personal representation of issues with society and the demands every sub-society places on its group members. It is also a coming of age when one needs to learn the path that he or she will walk while being a first-generation in Paris, France.

Sengalese Society

The main character, Amy is 11 years old whose family dynamic is changing because her father is taking another wife which is destroying her mother. Her mother has her own battles but Amy is the oldest. As the mom checks out, more responsibility is placed on her. The older women in society are telling Amy when she was her age, she was getting married and how to prepare food for her father’s wedding. Once her 1st period comes, she is being told she is a woman and people are telling “what will happen.”

  • *The responsibility grows.
  • She is in the middle ground. Not grown but not a small kid.

Life in a new culture

Amy finds solace in a group of girls at her new school which is a little dance group called the CUTIES. They are some fast young girls who are trying to be older than their age. The girl with the glasses dreams of being a dancer and befriends Amy. Amy wants to fit in with these young girls. that she learns all the latest dance moves from the internet to show them she can dance so they can best this older dance girl group. They learn some scandalous movies and practice until drama ensues.

  • Amy and (i think her name is Angelic) become friends
  • Angelic is always alone. Their friendship begins with stealing her brother’s shirt. He says he can’t go work without it. She is always seen by herself.
  • The young ladies are always seen together.
  • They try to teach each other things but much of the information is misguided in the way an immature mind will process it.

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